(IN)SECURE. Março. 2011

Nesta edição:

  • Virtual machines: Added planning to the forensic acquisition process;
  • Review: iStorage diskGenie;
  • Managers are from Mars, information security professionals are from Venus;
  • PacketWars: A cyber security sport for a cyber age;
  • Q&A: Graham Cluley on Facebook security and privacy;
  • Financial Trojans: Following the money;
  • Mobile encryption: The new frontier;
  • Report: RSA Conference 2011;
  • Combating public sector fraud with better information analysis;
  • Q&A: Stefan Frei on security research and vulnerability management;
  • The expanding role of digital certificates in more places than you think;
  • 5 questions to ask when reevaluating your data security solution; and
  • How to achieve strong authentication on the Web while balancing security, usability and cost.

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