IBM: Framework para a segurança no desenvolvimento

Mais um Redguide da International Business Machines. Podemos ler no abstract, na versão original:

In this IBM Redguide™ we describe secure engineering practices for software products. We offer a description of an end-to-end approach to product delivery, with security taken into account. IBM is publishing this in the hope that interested parties — whether they be clients, other IT companies, academics and others — can find these practices to be a useful example of the type of security practices that are increasingly a must-have for developing products and applications that run in the world’s digital infrastructure. We also hope this IBM Redguide can enrich our continued collaboration with others in the industry, standards bodies, government, and elsewhere, as we seek to learn and continuously refine our approach.

in Security in Development: The IBM Secure Engineering Framework. Um guia para responsáveis por processos de desenvolvimento.