Conselhos sobre cifra total de discos...

... escritos por Mary Brandel, na CIO. As ideias principais:

DO prep the machine;
DON'T jump in too quickly;
DON'T underestimate deployment time;
DO consider background installation;
DON'T expect full user acceptance;
DO test on a pilot group;
DO check for interference with other applications;
DO consider your authentication options;
DO consider an integrated suite;
DO prepare a strong business case;
DO consider support for removable media;
DO look into the vendor's method of key recovery;
DO consider Active Directory integration;
DO look into reporting capability;
DO check on which platforms are supported;
DON'T overlook key management; and
DO consider lock-out.

in Full disk encryption dos and don'ts. O texto tem os dirty details e apresenta os argumentos que suportam estes conselhos. Go read.