2nd Digital Security Forum

The Digital Security Forum aims to be a reference in European security conferences and training events, allowing for infosec professionals to network and acquire knowledge, by discovering the industry’s best practices, new methodologies, technologies and tools.

In June 2009 Lisbon will receive at the Hotel Olissippo Oriente the second edition of the Digital Security Forum. After a very well received first edition, in 2009 the event will offer better infrastructures and the participation of more highly recognized international speakers. The event will include two days of conferences, the first day fully dedicated to Information Security Governance, and the last day to Technical Information Security presentations, preceded by a day of workshops and training.

Check the previous edition websites: http://www.segurancadigital.org/2008 (Portuguese) or http://www.segurancadigital.org/en (English)

Também vou participar, integrado no painel promovido pelo Rui Shantilal, que irá discutir o tema dos Ataques de Negação de Serviço Distribuídos. Para além do Rui e de mim próprio, a mesa irá contar também com o Luís Grangeia, o Alex Ribeiro e o Bruno Morisson.

DDoS: Why do we care? – No Sábado, às 12:00.